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External wall insulation

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External wall insulation is a highly advanced insulation system that is applied to a home’s outside walls. The system comprises of a layer of insulation, a layer of insulating render implanted with reinforcing mesh, followed by a final coat of render finished to the desired decorative effect.

External wall insulation is a particularly effective method of insulation for homes constructed from solid walls, referred to by some as ‘hard to treat’, because quite simply they have no cavity which can be filled with insulation. The insulation is applied to the outer face of a property’s walls, improving the thermal efficiency of the walls significantly as well as giving the property a new and/or improved look.

Uninsulated solid walls lose even more heat than cavity walls, at a rate of around 45 per cent. This means that for every £100 spent on heating an uninsulated solid wall property, something like £45 is escaping into the outside environment.

Insulating the walls of a solid wall property is one of the most effective home improvements you can make, particularly with ever-increasing heating bills. The insulation will reduce your heating bills and make your home warm and cosy, as well as a host of other benefits.

External wall insulation is a relatively new product to the UK market in comparison to cavity wall insulation, although it is well-established in mainland Europe. However the emergence of external wall insulation means there is now an insulation system for solid wall properties, meaning they can banish their ‘hard to treat’ label and benefit from reduced heating bills too.

Customer Journey Wheel ThumbnailInstalling external wall insulation requires an advanced set of skills and expertise and Domestic and General were one of the first insulation installers to begin offering this product to their customers back in 2009.

The system is also suitable for homes constructed from, concrete, stone or steel. It can also be fitted to homes which have cavity walls.

By installing 70mm of external wall insulation on your solid walls, you will feel an immediate effect as the U value reduces from around 2.1 to around 0.24.

Installing 60mm of external wall insulation means that your solid walls can achieve a U value equivalent to that of new build walls built under today’s strict regulations regarding insulation. Installing a further 10mm means the U value of your solid walls can be even better than a new, modern home.

How will my home change?

Your home’s exterior will exhibit an improved aesthetic in addition to being more energy efficient. The render added to the property will make the walls look brand new, as these pictures show:

Home Before Picture

Home After Picture



What our customers think

Last winter, being the coldest on record for some time, was a real test for the external wall insulation we had installed last summer. Of course it came through with flying colours. We’ve been kept nicely warm, with the central heating on its lowest setting. We haven’t had the bill yet for this period, but were expecting it to be much reduced. We’re snug and smug!”

Stu Allerton, Evesham, Worcestershire

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